Our History

In 2012, years after building a thriving processing business for Washington state’s dispensaries and medical patients, Xtracted Labs was officially incorporated in Seattle, Washington by a group of experienced cannabis producers with a focus on shaping the burgeoning industry.

Founded on the mantra, “safe for the patient, safe for the processor,” Xtracted has worked closely with state and local officials to help institute sensible regulation of one of the world’s first legal markets for cannabis. 

Xtracted Labs helps propel the expanding cannabis industry forward by pioneering good practices and maintaining rigorous internal standards. Established with a foundation of compliance and respect throughout the industry Xtracted Labs believes better partnerships build better products and ultimately better experiences with our partners and for our customers. 

With our partners in Maine and Alaska we are proud to bring our proven techniques to other emerging cannabis markets. Our experiences are rooted in respect and scientific understanding of the cannabis plant which we use to create a climate of safety, sensibility, and accountability throughout the entire cannabis industry while producing the world’s best hash oil.