What is Refine Seattle?

Refine is the absolute top-of-the-line concentrate available anywhere. Delicately concocted in the X-Tracted labs, it is a brand as well as an indicator of quality. For an extraction to fall under the Refine Seattle brand, certain standards must be met. Regardless if the extraction is CBD or THC rich, it is judged on and needs to live up to the following criteria:

  • Aroma/Flavor

  • Appearance

  • Effect
In order to meet these standards, X-Tracted Laboratories reserves the most desirable source materials. This, along with proven handling and methodical purging methods, is how X-Tracted Laboratories is able to produce a completely pure batch nearly every time. With exotic strains, THC testing normally in the 75% range, and nearly zero trace of residual solvents, this brand offers a truly unbeatable experience.


Currently, we are packing .5 gram units of inhalable Refine Seattle products for wholesale distribution.

Refine Seattle concentrates are also available in capsule form for non-inhalers.