Our Philosophy

There is a reason that X-Tracted Laboratories has a great reputation for being safe and trustworthy. While keeping in compliance with 502 guidelines, X-Tracted maintains the utmost care in the production of their products. During production, the X-Tracted labs use food-grade handling from start to finish. In addition, a medical grade solvent, N-Tane, is used to ensure the outcome is virtually impurity-free.

Our Mission

X-Tracted Laboratories strives to provide the highest quality concentrated cannabis product in the world. The X-Tracted team is made up of marijuana visionaries who have found the courage to combine their efforts. By magnifying the results of their carefully honed process and setting specific criteria for their products to meet, the result is the creation of shatters and waxes with truly unmatched color, consistency, smell, and taste.

What We Do

Through light hydrocarbon extraction technology, X-Tracted Laboratories produces some of the finest hash and hash oil products in the industry. X-Tracted operates out of a sterile, state-of-the-art laboratory. By connecting with Washington's top growers to locate ultra premium source material, X-Tracted is able to bring high quality products to the market with the intent of setting high standards for concentrates in this budding industry.

Our Team

Here at X-Tracted, you will find some of the most knowledgable people in the marijuana industry. The X-Tracted team is made up of professionals, chemists, concentrate gurus, and industry insiders dedicated to the production of the finest concentrated cannabis products found anywhere in the world.


CEO / President

Arguably the best extract producer in Washington State. Ryan provides the strategic vision for the company while guiding production operations.


Operations Manager

With several years experience operating within the marijuana industry, Justin manages X-Tracted's day-to-day production operations.


Business Development

Recently retired from a successful business career, Jim now uses his experience to help X-Tracted develop and maintain business ethics.